How To Trace Your Irish Heritage Back To 1595

There’s always something exciting and fascinating about knowing where you come from.

This is one of the reasons why some people would do anything just to know their family’s history.

If you want to trace your Irish heritage, has made available two new Irish family history resources.

trace your Irish heritage

With these latest additions, the site’s extensive collection of Irish family history records has become bigger than ever.

If you’re curious about the story of your ancestors, Find My Past can provide you with the information you need.

What Can You See on Find My Past?

Find My Past has always been known for having the most extensive collection of Irish family records online.

These records include indexes of wills and marriages in Ireland that are hundreds of years old.

With the latest addition to the site’s records, you can now trace your family’s history back to the 16th century.

The newest records include the Diocesan and Prerogative Wills & Administrations Indexes from 1595 to 1858 and the Diocesan and Prerogative Marriage License Bonds Indexes from 1623 to1866.

tracing irish ancestry - How To Trace Your Irish Heritage Back To 1595

These databases are exceedingly rare and precious because they are amongst the relatively few records that weren’t destroyed in the fire that gutted down the Public Records Office of Ireland during the Irish Civil War in 1922.

The wills and administrations records are the remnants of original documents that were certified in front of Church of Ireland ecclesiastical courts.

These documents contain impressive genealogical details about the early ancestors of many Irish people, including their names, occupations, what they left in their wills, and to whom they left their estate to.

The marriage license bonds, meanwhile, served as an alternative to marriage banns, which couples paid for when they wanted to get married.

These records contain a list of protestant marriages that occurred in Ireland from 1623 to 1866.

They even contain information on the marriage of Jonathan Swift and Abigail Erick, the parents of Jonathan Swift Jr., the famous author of Gulliver’s Travels.

A Closer Look at Find My Past

How To Trace Your Irish Heritage Back To 1595

The information being provided by Find My Past will prove to be quite useful if you’re building your family tree.

To gain access to this information, first you must register with the website and pay for their services, or you can trial the service with their 14-day trial.

Apart from their extensive database, Find My Past offers a wide range of tools that can help you search family records.

According to them, these tools, which are constantly updated, will make discovering your family history much easier.

The site also allows you to create, maintain, and organise your online family tree and connect with dozens of family history experts from different parts of the globe.

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