Top 25 Irish Baby Girl Names

Because your baby girl is special, she deserves the best name there is.

Here is a list of the top 25 Irish baby girl names to help you decide what to call your precious angel.

Whether you’re Irish or not, you’ll certainly find these names fitting and beautiful.

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Beautiful Baby Girl in Pearls

Beautiful Baby Girl in Pearls


1. Brianna

Sometimes spelt as Briana, it is the feminine form of Brian, which means “noble” and “virtuous.”

2. Caoilainn

Spelt Keelin or Kalin in English, it comes from the Irish words “caol,” which means “slender,” and “fionn” which means “white,” “fair,” or “pure.” Many saints were named Caoilainn, and many of them are described as a pious lady with sweet temper and gentle disposition.

3. Aine

Aine is an ancient Irish name that means “splendor,” “radiance” or “brilliance.” Its English variations include Anya, Anna, and Hannah.

4. Megan

Megan is technically a Welsh pet form of Margaret, but it bears resemblance to the Irish surname O’Meegan, which means “descendant of the brave warrior.”

5. Caitlin

Caitlin is the Irish version of the name Catherine, which means “pure” or “clean” in French.

6. Riley

Riley is typically an English surname that means “rye field” but some believed it to be the Anglicisation of the Irish surname O’Reilly, which means “descendant of Raghaillaigh.”

7. Erin

Erin is a poetic name for Ireland. Although it is not frequently used by expecting mums, it has recently become a popular name for girls, especially in the North.

8. Molly

Molly is the pet or diminutive form of Mary or Mallaidh in Irish. It means “star of the sea.”

9. Clare

Also spelt as Claire, Clare is a medieval name originating from the Latin word “clarus,” which means “clear,” “bright,” or “famous.” The name is in honour of St. Claire, a follower of St. Francis of Assisi and is widely respected in Ireland.

10. Aislinn

Aislinn comes from the Irish word “aislinge.” It means “a vision” or “a dream.” It is also the name given to a popular poetry genre during the 17th and 18th centuries. Sometimes, it is spelt as Ashling or Aislin.

11. Kelly

Kelly is the English form of the Irish surname Ó Ceallaigh, “which means “brave warrior.”

12. Cassidy

Cassidy was derived from the Irish word “cas,” which means “curly haired.”

13. Ciara

Ciara is the feminine form of Ciaran, which came from the Irish word “ciar” that means “dark.” This usually implies that the bearer of the name has dark hair and brown eyes.

14. Regan

Regan originated from the word “ri,” which means “sovereign” or “king.” The diminutive –in, meanwhile, means “the king’s child.”

15. Alana

Alana is the feminine version of the name Alan, which means “handsome.” It is also the English form of “a leanbh,” an Irish term of endearment that means “O child.”

16. Brenda

Brenda is the feminine form of the Irish name Brendan (Breandán/Breannain in Gaelic). It means “prince.”

17. Bridget

This name has its origins from the Irish word “brigh” that means “power,” “virtue” and “vigour.” Brigit is a name honouring St Brigid, a patron saint of Ireland.

18. Patricia

Patricia is the feminine form of Patrick (Padraigh in Irish), the name of Ireland’s patron saint and means “noble” in Latin.

19. Niamh

Niamh in Irish means “radiance,” “lustre” and “brightness.” It is also the name of the daughter of the sea god Mannanan. Niamh of the Golden Hair was said to be a beautiful princess who fell in love with Oisin and lived with him in Tir-na-nOg.

20. Sile

Sile is the Irish variation of the Latin name Cecilia, the patron saint of music. Sometimes it is spelled as Sheelagh. In English, it is spelled as Sheila or Sheela.

21. Roisin

Roisin is from the Latin name Rosa, which means “little rose.” It is one of the most widely used names in the country and records show that Irish girls have been using it since the 16th century.

22. Tara

Tara is the Anglicisation of the old Irish name Teamhair. It means “eminence” or “distinction.” It is also the name of an ancient hill in Co. Meath.

23. Fiona

Fiona has its origins from the word “fionn,” which means “fair,” “white,” and “beautiful.” While this name originally came from Scotland, it is widely popular in Ireland.

24. Caoimhe

Caoimhe came from the word “caomh,” which means “gentle,” “beautiful” and “precious.” It has the same root as the name Kevin.

25. Aileen

Aileen is an ancient Irish name originating from the word “ail,” which means “noble.”


Irish Baby Girl Names

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