Irish Vodka Company Named As “Best In The World 2016”

If you want to drink vodka, you’d naturally go for a Russian brand, right? After all, it was the Russians who invented this drink. However, it looks like the Irish have surpassed the Russians when it comes to creating this popular bar staple.

An Irish vodka company has been named as the best in the world at the recently concluded 2016 Vodka Awards and 2016 Gin Awards.

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A Back-to-Back Victory for the Avalon Group an Irish Vodka Company

Avalon Group bagged three victories at the World Drinks Awards program after the Untamed Irish Vodka has been named as the World’s Best Pure Neutral Vodka and the Best Irish Pure Neutral Vodka.

The Exiles Irish Gin, on the other hand, won the Best Irish Contemporary Style Gin. Both spirits were introduced by the Avalon Group in 2014.

Presented by Felicity Murray, the founder and the editor of, the World Vodka Awards and World Gin Awards competitions are part of the overall World Drinks Awards program. A panel of spirits experts from different parts of the globe selected the winners over three rounds of judging.

Also a Win for Ireland

Andre Levy, chairman of Protégé International, the exclusive sales and marketing agency for the Avalon Group, welcomed the awards, saying that victory is not just for their company, but for the Irish people, as well. ”

We work hard to produce the very best for our customers who have come to expect a distinctive level of excellence. These awards serve to recognize not only these efforts but also showcase authentic Irish ingredients and themes amongst the best in the world,” he said.

Mr. Levy also believes that the awards highlighted Protégé International’s brand creation skills and the Avalon Group’s knack for producing premium spirits that everyone will love, Irish or not. According to him, Avalon winning Best in Class for every category it markets its brand in is certainly a rare accomplishment.

Untamed Irish Vodka and The Exiles Irish Gin are definitely two products every Irish person can be proud of. They make use of ingredients that are either grown or manufactured in Ireland. For instance, Untamed Irish Vodka, the only super premium vodka produced in the country, is made by double distilling Irish apples and grain.

The Exiles Irish Gin, on the other hand, is produced using botanicals that grow wildly across Ireland. Also, it is the only gin the world that is made with shamrock. Distilled five times, it is known for its purity and smooth texture.

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