Irish Trad Band And Polish Beat Box Make Some Seriously Good Music

Is it possible to make traditional Irish music sound contemporary? Believe it or not, it is definitely possible. After all, the Irish are known for creating very interesting things, music included.

An Irish group known for fusing Ireland’s traditional sounds with hip-hop has created interesting music after doing a pretty impressive session with a famous Polish beat boxer at a bar in Bray, Co Wicklow. The music created by the Irish trad band and Polish beat box is certainly one for the books.

This Might Be Your Kind of Music

MI-Jiggy-polish-beat-boxer-Irish Trad Band and Polish Beat Box

Unless you’re a purist, you’ll definitely appreciate the effort of the band Jiggy to continuously reinvent Irish traditional music. Just recently, the band did a session with MIC Bandit, the Polish Beat Box Champion of 2013, at the Habour Bar to produce music that what the Irish would describe as “class.”

Robbie Harris, who plays the bodhrán, said the session was totally unplanned. According to him, he was just walking along Grafton Street when he saw the “amazing” MIC Bandit, who had just arrived in Ireland via London.

Then, his group asked the Polish beat boxer to join them at a Sunday morning session at The Harbour Bar and MIC Bandit agreed just like that.

Awesome Session Caught in Video

For those who are wondering what the music an Irish trad band and a beat boxer would sound like, wonder no more. Award-winning filmmaker Mia Mullarkey caught the session on video. If you want to see their performance, you should check out this video now.

Jiggy has made quite an impression and has gained popularity in the Irish music scene over the last couple of years. They have been tipped to perform at various music festivals, including Whelan’s Festival in Dublin.

Apart from Harris, the band’s members include Daire Bracken, Éamonn de Barra, and Seamus Fogarty. Bracken plays the fiddle, while de Barra and Fogarty play the flue and Jew’s harp, respectively.


Irish-Trad-Music-Irish Trad Band And Polish Beat Box

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