BuzzFeed Reveal 17 Irish Names That Are About To Become Popular

Expecting a baby soon? Then make sure you gave your little bundle of joy a name fit for royalty.

If you can’t decide which name to pick, BuzzFeed reveals the 17 Irish names that are set to become very popular in the coming years. Let’s take a look at them.

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Irish Names to Name Your Baby

1. Quinn

One of the most popular Irish surnames, it means wise, counsel or intelligent.

2. Nessa

Nessa is originally a Viking name that became popular in Ireland in the 14th century. It is also the name of the mother of Conor Mac Nessa, king of Ulster.

3. Colm

It means dove in the Irish language.

4. Siobhan

Derived from the French name Jeanne, it is the Irish version of the English name Joan, which means “God is gracious.”

5. Sinead

Sinead is the Irish version of the name Jane or Jennifer. Like Siobhan, it has Hebrew origin that means “God is gracious.”

6. Bradan

Derived from the legend of Bradan Feasa or the Salmon of Knowledge, it means salmon.

7. Bartley

It is the Irish variation of the Hebrew name Bartholomew, which means “the Son of Tamai.”

8. Finn

It is derived from the name of legendary Irish hero Fionn Mac Cool. It means fair-headed.

9. Tierney

It means lord or chief, implying that the child is the lord of the household. It was derived from the name of Tierney of Clones, a 6th-century saint.

10. Aisling

It means dream or vision. This name originated in the 17th or 18th century.

11. Cliona

It comes from the Irish word “clodhna,” which means shapely.

12. Regan

Suitable for boys and girls, this name comes from the Irish word “ri,” which means king.

13. Caoimhe

It is derived from the Irish word “caomh” that means beautiful, gentle, or precious.

14. Killian/Cillian

It is the anglicised version of the Irish name Cillin. “Cill” means church in Gaelic, while the suffix –in is used affectionately to indicate a diminutive status.

15. Ronan

It means little seal. Ronan comes from the legend of a seal that is told not to stray too close to the land.

16. Niamh

It is an old Irish name that means bright and radiant. It was also the name of one of the queens of Tir na Nog.

17. Vaughn

Originally a Welsh surname, it is used as a form of the Irish surname McMahon. It means small.

Chose a Name Yet?

There is really something magical about Irish names. This is why it isn’t surprising why they are considered among the best-sounding names in the world. If you want your baby to have a popular Irish name, be sure to use one of the names mentioned above.

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