Learn About Irish History In 6 Minutes

Have a history test coming up? Or perhaps you simply want to get to know Ireland better without having to spend hours reading thick Irish history books and poring over tonnes of learning materials?

Whatever the case may be, this video is definitely for you. In this quirky video, John D. Ruddy sums up the rich and colourful history of the Emerald Isle in just six minutes.

Check Out This Video On Irish History:

As you may now, not everyone likes history, with all the important dates and personalities to remember. However, in this video, Ruddy puts an interesting twist to make learning about Ireland’s history much more interesting.

Using funny pictures and language, he gives a quick account of what happened in Ireland, starting in the 7,200 BC and the arrival of St. Patrick in 432 AD to the Irish rebellion in the early 1900s and Ireland in the 21st century.

History-of-Ireland-PIN-Irish History

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