Irish Granny Has Priceless Reaction To Her 80th Birthday Surprise

Irish granny Olive Chester has always wanted to go the United States and visit New York. On her 80th birthday, she got the surprise of her life when she found out that she can finally fulfil her life-long dream.


A Great Surprise for an Irish Granny

Chester, who’s from Tipperary, has finally flown to New York City after her granddaughter Lorraine Butler arranged a surprise trip to the Big Apple for her 80th birthday.

Butler, who is currently residing in Russia, asked her grandmother to meet her up at Shannon Airport, telling her they will go on a shopping trip to London.

At check-in, the staff from Aer Lingus told Chester about the changes in the travel plans and announced that she’s actually flying to New York and not to London.

Butler posted a video of her grandma’s priceless reaction on Facebook. The video has gone viral since.

Enjoying New York City

Chester had a great time walking around and exploring the city that she longed to visit for decades. Speaking to the Irish Independent, she said she and her granddaughter are “having an absolutely fantastic time.”

Butler said they have visited the iconic Empire State Building and Times Square. They also have plans to visit the Statue of Liberty.


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