Irish Fox Sneaks Onto Golf Course And Robs Wallet From Golf Bag

Foxes have always had the reputation for creating mischief and being sneaky. Well, that reputation doesn’t seem too far-fetched after it was recently found that an Irish fox sneaks onto golf course and pilfers a golfer’s belongings. In fact, there’s a video to prove it.

Irish Fox Sneaks Onto Golf Course

The Talented Mr. Irish Fox Sneaks Onto Golf Course

Four golfers from Leeds were out enjoying themselves at the County Louth Golf Club when a sly fox with its eye on their bags caught their attention. One of the golfers whipped out his camera and proceeded to take a video of the creature slowly inching its way towards their belongings.

The fox seemed to know exactly what it is doing and targeting as it quickly zeroed in on one of the golfer’s bags, searched through it, and made a run for it after finding what he’s looking for: the golfer’s wallet. Surprised, the golfer gave chase.

Sensing imminent danger, the fox dropped the wallet where the golfer could retrieve it. From the way the foxed behaved afterwards, you can tell that it probably felt bad for what it did.

Check Out the Video

Want to see the amazing incident yourself? Then check out this video now.

Fox-Irish-PIN-Irish fox sneaks onto golf course

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