This Video About The Unsung Heroes Of The Galway Races Will Melt Your Heart

The video gives people a glimpse into the lives of the unsung heroes of the horse racing community and their contributions to making the sport special and extraordinary.

This Video Will Touch Your Soul

Even if you’re not that passionate about horse racing, this video will strike a chord with you. Entitled “Behind Every Great Horse,” this emotive short film shows the tireless dedication and commitment of people involved in the horse racing industry, from training horse to preparing a major race.

It features scenes from the Anthenry horse training yard of famous Galway trainer Val O’Brien, highlighting the strong bond between horses and humans.

O’Brien said he and his team are very proud to be featured in the film as a “yard that is representative of the many stables and yards throughout Ireland.” Michael Moloney, racecourse director at Ballybrit, meanwhile, was all praises for the short film.

He also lauded Guinness for recognising the contributions of trainers, jockeys, and other people operating behind the scenes.


Watch the Video Now

Whether you’re a fan of horse racing or not, this video is definitely a must-watch. Check it out now.


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