Farmer Gets Reprieve From Driving Ban So He Can Find A “Nice Woman”

A farmer who was found guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol just got lucky after a judge decided to put off his sentence.

Apparently, the judge is worried that the farmer, who lives in an isolated part of Co Kerry, may not be able to find a “nice woman” to help him out on his farm if he is banned from driving.


A Bizzare Turn of Events

John O’Shea of Derrinadin, Mastergeeha, had pleaded guilty to drink driving at Tarmons, Waterville, after driving his vehicle into a ditch.

Reports said the 60-year-old went to Waterville only to get cow feed but ended up talking about Kerry’s win over Cork in the Munster Football Final over a round of drinks at a local pub.

O’Shea’s alcohol blood reading was found to be at 198mg per 100ml. The legal limit is at 50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood. Because of excessive alcohol in his blood, O’Shea is facing a driving ban of up to three years.

John O’Dwyer, the solicitor for O’Shea, made an appeal on behalf of his client and asked the court to put off the three-year driving ban until after summer.

He explained that O’Shea lives some ten kilometres from Waterville, placing him at a severe disadvantage if the court immediately forbids him to drive a motor vehicle.  O’Dwyer added that without transport, it would be difficult for his client to care for his cows. As a result, O’Shea would have no choice but to get rid of them.

Judge James O’Connor, meanwhile, said the only solution to this problem is for O’Shea to find himself a “nice woman.” This way, he’ll have someone to drive him around.

However, the solicitor pointed out that this would be difficult for O’Shea, too, since he lives in a remote area. O’Dwyer noted that if the driving ban is postponed until after September, it will allow the farmer to take part in a matchmaking festival in Lisdoonvarna.

In a surprising twist of events, Judge O’Connor acquiesced to O’Dwyer’s request, saying that the State doesn’t want to “nail” people regarding undoing their livelihood. He agreed to postpone O’Shea’s driving ban until the 8th of December.

The Irish Road Victim’s Association was quick to condemn the judge’s decision, saying that O’Connor must be living on another planet.

“For a judge to give a priority to the care of cows over the protection of our families and children going about their daily business shows how out of touch he is with the reality faced by the hundreds of families left with seriously injured loved ones and family members killed by drunk drivers,” said Donna Rice, chairwoman of the group.

Source: Irish Times

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