Take A Drive Through Dublin In This 1976 Video

Ever wonder what Dublin looked like in the mid 1970s? Well, wonder no more because on September 4, 1976, two Dublin men strapped a Canon Camera to a Mini Moke car and  drove themselves  around Dublin city centre on 4th of September 1976.  They drove down Grafton Street and up by Dame Street by the central bank (still being built) then down past Trinity College and up to the top of O’Connell street. Find out what the city looked like by taking a drive through Dublin in this 1976 video.

drive through Dublin in this 1976

Take a Stroll Down Memory Lane

The vintage video will take you down to Grafton Street and up Dame Street, where you can see the Central Bank of Ireland still being built. Then, the videographers travelled past Trinity College Dublin and headed for the top of O’Connell Street.

Nothing Changed Much

It seems that the city hasn’t changed that much over the last four decades. Apart from the lads in bellbottom flare pants and old school cars, the Dublin of today and of yesteryears looked pretty much the same.

O’Connell Street still looks as buy as ever, TCD is still its magnificent self, and double decker buses still roam Dublin’s streets in droves.

Check out this vintage video now and see if you can spot huge differences between the Dublin of 1976 and the Dublin of today.

Drive-Thru-PIN-Drive through dublin in this 1976 video

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