Dreading A Trump Presidency? Consider Calling This Irish Island Your New Home

Irish island offers refuge to Trump-fleeing Americans

Brash, racist, bigot, and misogynist—these are just some of the words detractors of Donald Trump are using to describe the US presidential aspirant.

Despite the bad opinion and the public outcry against him, Trump has emerged as one of the strongest contenders for the US presidency.


Because of this, many American citizens are now considering moving to other countries should Trump become president.

If you’re one of those people who are dreading a Trump presidency, then you’ll find comfort knowing that a remote Irish island is welcoming you with open arms.

Community leaders on Inishturk are encouraging Americans to live permanently on the island should they decide to leave their home country and flee a Trump presidency.

Located off the coast of Co. Mayo, Inishturk once had a thriving population.

Due to various reasons, however, the population has plummeted to just 58 over the years. In fact, there are only three students currently attending the local primary school.

Because of this, local officials are desperate to attract people to live on the island and help secure its future.

“I’ve heard there are quite a few people in America looking to move to Ireland and other countries if Donald Trump becomes president.

I’d like them to know that we’d love to see them consider moving over here,” said Mary Heanue, a development officer for Inishturk.

According to Heanue, Americans wishing to relocate to Inishturk will be given a “huge welcome.”

She said the island is a fantastic place to raise a family.

With the teacher to student ratio being almost one-on-one, she believes the children are likely to receive the best education anywhere in the country.

While Heanue admits that winters may be harsh on the island, and this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, she is confident that relocating Americans will still like Inishturk.

“They’d find it very peaceful here, and they’d soon find out there’s nowhere as nice in the world on a summer’s day than here,” she said.

According to Mashable.com, Ireland provides an excellent option for US citizens who don’t want to deal with Donald Trump should the latter win the US presidency.

In fact, Americans are not the only ones who are looking to move to Ireland. British citizens are also considering calling Ireland their home.

A report by The Guardian showed that there are a growing number of UK citizens applying for Irish passports amid growing fears that the United Kingdom will leave the European Union when the bloc holds its membership referendum next month.


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