Bobby Sands Documentary Creates New Irish Box Office Record

If you think nobody likes documentaries, think again. The documentary “Bobby Sands: 66 Days” has enjoyed massive success at the Irish box office, attracting lots of movie-goers.


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The movie is about the Irish Republican Army (IRA) hunger striker, Bobby Sands. It opened in nine cinemas in Northern Ireland and 16 the August in the Republic of Ireland weekend.

The Film’s Huge Success

So far, it has earned $56,599 (€50,933/£43,300), overtaking the record previously held by the documentary “The Queen of Ireland.”

According to reports, Bobby Sands is the only Irish-made documentary up to date that has earned the highest opening weekend viewing figures. The film was created by Brendan J. Byrne and released in Ireland by Wildcard Distribution.

According to IMBD, It will also be released in the United States on November 30, 2016.

The documentary chronicles the 66-day hunger strike staged by Bobby Sands to protest the limited rights granted to IRA prisoners in 1981. Its narrative is driven by Sand’s writings, showing his commitment to his cause and political beliefs.

The True Bobby Sands

Born Robert Gerard Sands on March 9, 1954, Bobby Sands has led a life as interesting as the documentary created about him.

Bobby Sands was an Irish nationalist who led a hunger strike in prison in 1981. He was elected Member of Parliament during the strike.

He grew up in Belfast under the cloud of nationalist and loyalist divisions. At the age of 18 he joined the Republican Movement and was soon arrested and imprisoned for possessing a firearm.

In 1976 Sands was arrested again and was given a 14-year-sentence. He was arrested by authorities in connection with a bombing that had taken place at a large furniture company and an ensuing gun battle.

During his hunger strike, he was elected to the British Parliaments as an Anti H-Block candidate.

He died on May 5, 1981.

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