80 Year Old Irish Couple Finish Marathon Hand In Hand

The couple that runs together, apparently stays together. Participants and spectators at the Irish Examiner Half and Full Marathon in Cork City were treated to a heart-warming sight after an 80 year old Irish couple finish marathon together.

Couple in Marathon-80 Year Old Irish Couple Finish Marathon

Joe and Kay O’Regan, from Enniscorthy in Co. Wexford, crossed the finish line at five hours and 25 minutes hand-in-hand, the same way they did during their very first marathon together 30 years ago.

Darling of the Crowd

Philip Harty from Dungarvan won the marathon, but the O’Regans definitely stole the show from him after completing the race in a way that will make even those without a romantic bone in their body gush and swoon.

80 Year Old Irish Couple Finish Marathon

The two met in England and married in 1959. They ran their first marathon in London when they were 50 years old.

At first, the O’Regans weren’t sure if they are able to participate in the marathon because Kay had been sporting an injury the past few weeks before the marathon.

Fortunately, she bounced back and she and her husband were able to cross the finish line together.

Watch This Video

If you think there’s no such thing as “forever,” then check out this video now and see the cute couple.

80-year-old-PIN-80 Year Old Irish Couple Finish Marathon

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