10 Reasons Why The Irish Love Their Cup Of Tea

We all know that Irish love their cup of tea

In fact, when it comes to drinking tea, the Irish beat the English.

Studies show that the Irish drink the second most tea per head in the world.

Irish love their cup of tea

They are just second to the Turks, which are considered the greatest tea drinkers. But why do the Irish love their tea so much? Let’s find out.

Why the Irish Love Their Cup of Tea

1.Helps heal your broken heart

Irish cup of tea

Broke up with the boyfriend or girlfriend? Talk it over with your mam or a friend over a cuppa.

2.Jump-start your day.

starter up Irish cup of tea

A nice shot of caffeine to your system will definitely get you going. Plus tea is so much more refined than coffee.

3.Handy when the neighbours drop in

Want to know the latest gossip around town? Invite the neighbours over for a chit-chat and a cup of tea.

Careful though, they may not want to leave.

4.Showcase your fine china

What better way to brag about your fine and expensive china collection than hosting a tea party?

This is probably one of the top reasons why the Irish love their tea.

5.Girls night out

Scandalous stories and hijinks with the girls are better shared when you’re drinking something.

Tea works as well as booze and on the upside, you don’t get a hangover.

6.Cure for the hangover

Speaking of hangover, Irish tea is a well-known cure for that awful headache after a night of binge-drinking. That and a serving (or two) of a hearty Irish breakfast.

7.Patch things up

irish proverb Irish cup of tea

Have a disagreement with a friend or loved one?

Talk it out and patch things up over a hot cuppa.

8.It beats Viagra

Can’t get it up? Then drink a cup of tea before your performance. Tea is said to be an aphrodisiac and some folks swear that it’s better than Viagra.

9.Helps you relax

After a hard day of work, you definitely deserve a cup and some much-needed rest and relaxation.

10.Three words: tea in bed.

Lovely at the weekend and a joy on a weekday (if you don’t have work, that is).

So What’s Your Tea Story?

Apart from being generally good for the soul, tea is also good for the health. In fact, some tea varieties have cancer-fighting properties and can even help you lose weight.

Just as the Irish love their cup of tea, why do you like yours?

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